Why Are Cellophane Bags Going to be Your Greatest Gift Idea?

It’s often the little touches, rather than the grand gesture, that make the difference. Events come and go, and whatever degree of planning and forethought you put in, the idea should be to cover all the bases and make sure that everyone who attends leaves feeling satisfied.

Consider the party favour. By presenting something to your guests that they can take away with them, you’re extending the lifespan of the event itself, and in effect your own goodwill. The party favour works because it reflects your attentiveness towards your guests and shows off your attention to detail.

The kind of event may vary, be it a children’s birthday party, a bridal or baby shower a wedding, or a corporate affair, but your guiding principle should remain the same: as a host you want to make your mark and ensure that your guests have a positive and memorable experience.

There are questions you need to ask yourself about your party favour gifts: are you having a theme (maybe one that fits in with the wider event); are the gifts going to be consumable or decorative; and then how are you going to present them?

This is where the cellophane bag really makes a difference. These gift bags are versatile and available in a number of different styles and sizes. They’re easy to use and make presenting a large number of gifts surprisingly easy. And they’re easy to accessorise with ribbons, twist ties and labels, to add to the personalisation of your party favour gift. They’re protective, moisture resistant, and breathable enough to preserve the natural aroma and flavour of edible gifts.

Also, your guests can see what they’re getting, so once you’ve thought of that knockout party favour, you can display it to best effect in a design of Cellophane Bags that will perfectly complement it. Get this right and you’ve created a signature style all of your own as a party host, one that will be talked about for months by your appreciative guests.


Cellophane Wrap – new designs in stock

In the last couple of weeks, we have taken delivery of a number of new designs of cellophane wrap. It’s always good unpacking new products, photographing them and adding to the website – it really freshens things up and we know our customers really enjoy seeing the new additions. To mention a few of our favourites.. 

Petal cellophane wrap in 4 colourways – cerise lilac and lime, pink and white, orange, yellow and white and ivory, cream and white. Feedback from our customers so far has been excellent and it is selling quickly.  
For something different, we have ladybirds and honey bees. Normally, we find the manufacturers sticking to floral designs for most cellophane wrap, so it’s great to see these quirky new designs.  Again, these have been popular with our customers and its great to see we have once again delighted our customers with a fabulous selection.
However, by the most popular in our new ranges has been the cellophane wrap in baby prints design. Available in pink, blue and ivory it’s just lovely to wrap a hamper for a new Mum, either to give at the baby shower, or after the birth of the baby.
For a new baby present, you can make a really effective gift by buying some useful yet inexpensive  baby products, such as socks, gloves, toiletries such as shampoo, wipes, baby oil etc and a couple of small new baby toys. Then take a wicker basket, half fill it with scrunched up tissue paper and carefully arrange your items. Then, cover with some cellophane wrap and finish off with a large pull bow. The result is a perfect, individual gift, beautifully presented and certain to delight the recipient. 
We think our expanding range of cellophane wrap is now one of the largest available to buy online. There really is something for everyone.
Whist we are talking about new products, We also have some lovely new ribbon in stock. Both are organza ribbon and are 10mm in width. One range has a polka dot design and the other is satin edged. The colours co-ordinate, and will look fabulous used with cellophane wrap or to tie off some our our lovely cellophane gift bags.  In the coming weeks, we are expecting some more new ribbons, so keep an eye on our website, or to be advised of new products and exclusive offers, follow us on twitter of like us on facebook.

Impress your family and friends with creative giftwrapping.


It’s easy to create stunning gifts if you take a bit of time and think about how you would like your gift to look.  Most of us spend hours searching the internet or browsing the shops to find the perfect gift, and then spend 30 seconds wrapping it in ordinary gift wrap or using a cheap gift bag. But, why not try something different?

Even the smallest gift can be made to look superb if you use cellophane wrapping paper. Cellophane wrap comes in many designs and colours and if you layer it with tissue paper you can create a look that’s as unique as the person you bought the gift for.

Cellophane wrap is great for awkwardly shaped gifts, as it can be scrunched around the gift and then tied off with ribbon or a bow. It is very strong and won’t rip or tear like paper gift wrap. Alternatively, if you prefer a neat and tidy look, you could put the gift into a box before wrapping using traditional methods. Then add ribbon to create your own individual look.

For small gifts, cellophane gift bags are simply amazing! Firstly, wrap the gift in tissue paper, pop into the bag and then tie off with a ribbon or bow. What could be simpler? If you have bought a few items, you could package them individually in bags, and then group together in a box or hamper, before topping it off with cellophane wrap and using a pull bow to complete the look.

Get creative with Ribbon!

Here at Wrappings and Bows, we have a fabulous selection of ribbons, suitable for all sorts of crafts. But what do you do with yours?


Obviously, they are fantastic for gift wrapping projects, and look superb when you use a variety of colours and styles to tie off cellophane wrap and cellophane gift bags. In particular, we love to use wide satin ribbon and then layer it with a pretty patterned design, such as our polka dot grosgrain ribbon, or create a country look with some pretty checked gingham ribbon.


But, if you like to be really creative, ribbon is a really cost effective way to spruce up tired items, a good way to do some up cycling. You can add a ribbon frill to the edge of a plain cushion. Use 2  colours of satin ribbon in different widths to create a coordinated look. Or maybe re-cover a lampshade and trim with ribbon.


We have 2 ranges of double satin ribbon in stock, one is the Shindo brand, which is a lovely premium quality ribbon in a range of 6 widths, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and 38mm. we stock around 30 colours in his range. Alternatively, we have our budget satin ribbon which is soft and slightly lighter in weight, but ideal for crafting. We have around 20 colours in this range and 4 widths, 3mm, 10mm, 16mm and 25mm. Remember that cutting ribbon at a slight angle, or dabbing the edges with a bit of PVA glue will help to prevent fraying.


If you like to make hair bands and bows, then grosgrain ribbon is ideal for this purpose. Have a look through our range, we have plain grosgrain in 2 widths, 10mm and 25mm and also some lovely polka dot grosgrain ribbon which co-ordinates well.


Enjoy browsing our website for great ribbons at value for money prices.

Creative Giftwrapping and Crafting Products!

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons for crafting. So whether you enjoy sewing, needlework, cardmaking or home baking, it’s a fabulous time to take advantage of the warmer days and come up with your seasonal craft ideas.

If you love to sew, why not add embellishments with our lovely ribbon. Try some double faced satin ribbon to edge a placemat or quilt. Or how about a homespun country touch with some lovely coloured gingham ribbon.

If you are looking to sell some of your hand made goods at the increasingly popular craft fairs and farmer’s markets. it’s a good idea to think about packaging your products and how you will display them. Eye catching, quality packaging can make a he difference to how well your products sell in a competitive market.

Think about displaying your products in cellophane gift bags. Use ribbon to tie off and then group items together to create a stunning display which will really make your products stand out.

We have a superb selection of cellophane bags, from luxury block bottom bags through to our standard cellophane gift bags which are exceptional quality at a great value price.

If packaging sweets and home made fudge, try our cellophane cone bags. Again, really versatile and in a range of 9 colours / designs. You can make a fun display using a mixture of colours, or use one colour to co-ordinate with your brand.

Our bags are all food safe so can be used to package unwrapped food safely.

If you have awkwardly shaped items to wrap, cellophane wrap is a great alternative to bags. You can use plain wrap and brighten it up with a pull bow or some gift ribbon. Or maybe try some of our patterned wrap – we have one of the largest selections available online so there really is something for everyone.


New Cellophane Wrap Designs

We have just added a number of new designs to our range of cellophane wrap.

Some lovely retro floral designs in pink, black and cream colour ways, which are great for gift wrapping, bouquets, baskets and hampers.

We also  have a new design, baby prints in both pale pink and pale blue colours. This is perfect to wrap baby gifts, baby shower goodies, nappy cakes and gift baskets. Ideal to bring a unique luxury touch to your special gift.



Not long til Easter….

Only just over a week to go until the Easter weekend.

So, if you need some luxury packaging for your Easter gifts, then look no further. A great range of cellophane wrap, cellophane gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon to give a truly unique finish to your gifts.

Or, if you’re going to be busy crafting over Easter, now is the time to stock up on your ribbon supplies. Lovely range of Satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza and patterned ribbon in a range of Spring colours.

Happy Easter!

3 Day Special! 20% off all Cellophane Gift Bags

Yes, that’s right! For 3 days only we are offering a massive 20% discount on our range of cellophane gift bags. From our basic gusseted cellophane bags, right through to our luxury block bottom bags. Already great value, this offer makes a perfect opportunity to stock up and save on our cellophane sweet bags, cellophane gift bags, cone shaped bags, in fact, just everything in our extensive range.

SALE – 10% off Easter Wrapping

Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer and it is starting to feel a little warmer…

This means Mother’s Day and Easter will soon be upon us! Why not stock up early for your Spring wrapping? Until 14th March,  we are offering 10% off our range of Easter wrapping products, many of which are also suitable for Mother’s Day gifts.

We have some fantastic cellophane wraps in lovely Spring colours – yellow, pink, cream, lavender to name a few. Or why not try some of our lovely Easter cellophane bags – a superb collection this year with Easter bunnies, chicks and eggs, just perfect to resent your gifts and home made goodies.

Finish off with some satin ribbon or grosgrain ribbon for a co-ordinated look. Or, why not take a look at our lovely Easter ribbon – some lovely gingham, polka dot ribbon and alos some Easter ribbon with eggs and bunnies.